Directors & Officers

Board of Directors                           Term

Ben Andrews, Pres.                       2019-2021

Laurel Taylor, Vice Pres.                 2019-2021

Dick Baggett                               2019-2020

Kim Coulter                                 2019-2021

Tom Dunlap                                 2019-2021

Misti Garcia                                 2019-2021

Jonathan Pearson                        2018-2020

Sam Stanphill                             2018-2020

Sandy Stratton                           2018-2020



Myra Zumwalt                            2019-2020


We do not post personal phone numbers because this is a public website.  Most directors list their phone number and address in the residents directory which is provided to all residents and non-resident owners who request it.

Owners and residents of Rocky Creek Ranch can request a copy of the directory by emailing or calling the office.       




Laurel Taylor, Chair

Kim Coulter, Vice-chair

Carm Andrews

LaVern Glass

Bob House

Sandy Litchfield

Monica Mendez

Jeni Palmer

Marcella Pasetto

Jackie Woodard


Architectural Control

 Tom Dunlap, Chair

Rick Pasetto, Vice-chair

Richard Coles

Kim Coulter

Kathy Craine

Marc Rosenthal

Sam Stanphill

Laurel Taylor


Sandy Stratton, Chair

Art Carpenter

Kevin Craine

Suzanne Drucker

Sam Stanphill



Sam Stanphill, Chair

Dick Baggett, Vice-chair

Ben Andrews

Kim Coulter

Rudy Malish

Marc Rosenthal

Laurel Taylor

Mike Williamson

Darin Zumwalt

Rules Committee

Misti Garcia, Chair

Kathy Craine

Kevin Craine

Richard Coles

James Payne

All Board members

Rocky Creek Maintenance Corporation

2005 Rocky Ridge Loop

Canyon Lake, Texas 78133

Telephone: 830-935-4016

Fax: 830-935-4016


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