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Directors & Officers

Board of Directors           Term

Jennifer Rodriguez, Pres.  2023-2025

Ben Andrews, Vice Pres.   2023-2025

Bob Allen                          2024-2026

Kim Coulter                    2023-2025

Doug Duvall                    2024-2026

Gena Landis                      2024-2026

Bruce Orzechowski          2023-2025

Sandy Stratton               2024-2026

Laurel Taylor                  2024-2026


Lori Steed                             


We do not post personal phone numbers because this is a public website.  Most directors list their phone number and address in the residents directory which is provided to all residents and non-resident owners who request it.

Owners and residents of Rocky Creek Ranch can request a copy of the directory by emailing or calling the office.       




Laurel Taylor, Chair

Bob House

Janie McPhail

Marcella Pasetto

Jackie Woodard

Architectural Control

Frank Lombardo, Chair

Rick Pasetto

Kathy Craine

Jay Schimpf

Dick Baggett


Sandy Stratton, Chair

Ben Andrews

Bobby Cox

Kevin Craine

Dan Dellinger

Suzanne Drucker

Sam Stanphill

Laurel Taylor


 Bruce Orzechowski, Chair

Doug Duvall, Vice-chair

Ben Andrews

Kim Coulter

Dan Dellinger

Mike Williamson

Rules Committee

Kim Coulter, Chair

Ben Andrews

Kathy Craine

Kevin Craine

Bruce Orzechowski

Laurel Taylor

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