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Deed Restrictions


There are 16 phases in Rocky Creek Ranch subdivision, each with its own deed restrictions.  The major differences in the restrictions are as follows:


     Utility easements

          Phases 1-10 have a five foot easement on all sides

          Phases 11-16 have a ten foot easement on all sides

          (All lots also have a 25 foot setback from any property line adjacent to a roadway)


     Modular Homes

          In Phases 1-13 modular homes are allowed

          In Phases 14-16 modular homes are NOT allowed


     (Mobile homes are not allowed in any phases of the subdivision)


What Phase is my lot in?

     The Deed Restriction Guidelines to the right lists the lots for each phase.

     They can also be found on this Map of Rocky Creek Subdivision.



Deed Restrictions (pdf)


Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 4

Phase 5

Phase 6

Phase 7

Phase 8

Phase 9

Phase 10

Phase 11

Phase 12

Phase 13

Phase 14

Phase 15

Phase 16


Deed Restriction Guidelines - Comprehensive document with all phases included

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